The Donations API uses Basic authentication. Sign up for a CHANGE account to get access to credentials.

Change uses two types of API Keys:

Public: API Keys that identify your CHANGE account and can be publicly shared in client-side code
Secret: API Keys that should be kept secure and only used in server-side code

CHANGE uses HTTP Basic authentication. Your public key is the username, and your secret key is the password.

Basic Authentication

You are required to send the following headers with each request:

"Authorization": "Basic your-encoded-credential"

where your-encoded-credential is the result of Base64 encoding the following string: public-key:secret-key.

HTTP clients usually have a way to add this header automatically, like Ruby’s Net::HTTP library or Python’s requests package.

Testing and Development

API requests using test credentials (they start with pk_test and sk_test) will not make any real donations. Get your credentials on your dashboard after making an account.

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