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Getting Started with the Donations API

Use the Donations API to easily make charitable contributions through your platform. The API manages the entire donation lifecycle from initial creation to final deposit. All funds are routed through Our Change Foundation to ensure expedient and secure payouts. Check out our YouTube channel for quick video tutorials.

Let’s see how easy it is to make a donation with Change.

Get your credentials

The Donations API uses basic authentication. Sign up for a Change account to get access to test credentials. Your test keys have the prefix test, and your production keys have the prefix live.

Create a donation

To create a donation, send a request with your credentials to the donations/create endpoint. Pop open a terminal, and send the following request. (If you’re signed in to your Change accout, your test credentials will already be filled in)

curl \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
"amount": 500,
"nonprofit_id": "n_IfEoPCaPqVsFAUI5xl0CBUOx",
"funds_collected": false,

Badabing, badaboom! You just made a (test) donation to Watsi, a healthcare nonprofit.

Is it really that easy?

Yes! The Change platform manages the rest of the donation lifecycle. All funds are routed through Our Change Foundation to ensure expedient and secure payouts.

You control the amount of the donation, the nonprofit, and more.

amount requiredDonation amount USD cents. For example, a $5 donation has an amount of 500.
nonprofit_id requiredID of the nonprofit the donation is being sent to. Search for nonprofits here. We support most US-based nonprofits!
funds_collected requiredIndicator for whether you collected payment for the donation.

For more parameters, see the Donations API reference.

🔴 Go live!

When you’re ready to go live, connect your bank account from the Change dashboard, and swap your test credentials for your live credentials. At that point, you’ll be making real-world donations.

To learn more about our donations API, check out the API reference.

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