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Change has been innovating in the crypto sector to bring verified, transparent donations to the quickly growing ecosystem. Due to the public and real-time nature of blockchain, the technology is being used to power a new wave of charitable giving. We’ve created tools to streamline giving at all levels – from deep API integrations to drop-in widgets. Our goal is to meet creators where they are, and enable communities to donate confidently. Hop in our Discord if you have questions, feedback or need help getting started!


Explore our guides to learn the lay of the land and start launching fundraisers and NFTs. Are you building a different experience on chain? Request a guide with the chat box.



Solana is a blockchain created by Solana Labs that was optimized for efficient energy consumption and low transaction fees. The blockchain’s commitment to the environment has made it a popular alternative to other leading blockchains.


Ethereum is the second largest blockchain network behind Bitcoin. It is home to some of the most well-known NFT projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.


Flow is a blockchain created by Dapper Labs designed for games and collectibles. It powers widely adopted projects such as NBA TopShot and CryptoKitties.


OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace for both primary and secondary sales.


Coinbase is the world’s most popular crypto exchange to buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrency. Launched in 2012, the app has more than 68 million users.


Phantom is the most popular wallet to buy, swap, and sell tokens and NFTs on the Solana blockchain.


A Non-fungible token ‘NFT’ is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that is stored on a blockchain. Common NFTs are art, videos, and music.


Minting is the process of transforming a digital asset into an NFT.


Metaplex is the leading collection of tools to launch NFTs on Solana. To-date it has powered over 7.5 million NFTs.

Creator Split

Creator splits determine how NFT creators are paid for every primary sale. This option is configured as percentages such as 40% for Creator A and 60% for Creator B. This option is only available on select platforms like Metaplex Storefront.

Royalty Fee

Royalty fees determine how NFT creators are paid for every secondary sale (all sales after the initial sale). This option is configured as percentages such as 1% for Creator A and 2% for Creator B.

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