Fundraising Forms for Nonprofits

The fastest way to start accepting crypto for your nonprofit is to use the drop-in donation form. Here’s what it looks like - you can interact with it!

Adding the form to your site is simple. Add the following HMTL to your web page:

<script type="module" src=""></script>

You now have a donation form for Make-a-Wish 501(c)(3)!

Change the nonprofit by setting the nonprofit-id attribute. To get the nonprofit-id for your Nonprofit, email

Custom styles

You can change the style of the donation form using CSS custom properties. For example:

--background-color-primary: green;
--color-primary: white;


All style properties

–colorText color
–background-colorComponent background
–color-primaryPrimary and selected button text color
–color-disabledDisabled button text color
–background-color-primaryPrimary and selected button background color
–background-color-primary-hoverHovered primary and selected button background color
–background-color-disabledDisabled button background color
–input-border-colorInput border color
–input-border-radiusInput border radius
–input-colorInput text color
–input-background-colorInput background color
–input-background-color-hoverHovered input background color. Only applies to button inputs, not text inputs.
–input-color-hoverHovered input text color
–input-placeholder-colorInput placeholder color
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