On Chain Donations

Raising cryptocurrency donations for a cause is a popular way for platforms to engage their community. Change provides APIs for platforms to easily fetch nonprofit wallet addresses and build native giving experiences in their dApp, NFT marketplace, and more.

Fetch Wallet Addresses

Use the nonprofit search endpoint to fetch nonprofits and display their wallet addresses to your users. The endpoint also returns other useful information, like the nonprofit’s mission statement, ein, and social media handles. See below for an example response.

"nonprofits": [
"icon_url": "https://d2m0e1zy3fwxmp.cloudfront.net/healthcare.png",
"id": "n_IfEoPCaPqVsFAUI5xl0CBUOx",
"name": "Watsi",
"ein": "453236734",
"socials": {
"facebook": "Watsi.org",
"instagram": "watsi",
"twitter": "watsi"
"email": "connect@watsi.org",
"display_impact": [
"$100 sponsors one surgery performed"
"crypto": {
"solana_address": "0x45ce8c1e854011f26b703b83e078a8d0f67d3101",
"ethereum_address": "0x211ed3a9d88eb68a2d83613bac704353ce0d482a",
"flow_address": coming soon 🪄
"address_line": "548 Market St # 75903",
"city": "San Francisco",
"classification": "E12",
"mission": "Directly connecting people through technology to provide global access to healthcare.",
"state": "CA",
"website": "https://watsi.org/",
"zip_code": "94104",
"category": "healthcare",
"stats": [
"$100 sponsors one surgery performed"
"page": 1
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